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ever want to just have it out so bad with someone? this person did me so wrong and it still bothers me! i need to get offline cus twitter, facebook, etc.. no one on there helps ya know? everyone expects the worse and wants you to do the worse.

making way my downtown..

I hate waking up with a lazy kick! Its so annoying that my body wants to do nothing and it tries to convince my head thts okay. Occasionally it is but lazy should be a rariety. At least for me, imo.

I have the weekend off and just moved into y new place... Which is why i dont want to be lazy! I have plans tomorrow evening to go to a football game and i will be busy Sunday. Today i really wantfo get my apartment in order. Its still full of plastic moving boxes! My dad got a new iphone last week when he helped me move in, so im excited to get it put together and do a video tour to show him the finished product.

So that is my goal today! I will have to put iphone done because its a major distraction. Maybe even not watch Bones! Uhhh. (i just got season 1 and 2 for a great deal.. Since i havent seen all eps i watch very closely!)

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some things never change

I've always been an internet junkie and have spent my fair share of time escaping into the world of television universes and movie screen plays. Not to say my reality isn't as good as these shows/movies, but its a wonderful release from life. Well, sometimes, they give a backdrop to things I wish for and have wished for. All in all I'm a movie buff (and maybe fangirl at heart).

Supernatural, Season 6, SEPTEMBER 24! I am sikedd.